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Laser Tattoo Removal results in the permanent removal or dramatic fading of unwanted tattoos.

(Q-switched 1064nm and 532nm). This highly advanced technology delivers clients greater levels of comfort and significantly fewer treatment sessions than virtually all alternative tattoo removal devices. This revolutionary new laser tattoo removal technology quickly, safely and effectively removes a wide variety of tattoo colours.

Tattoos are permanent because the ink particles deposited in the skin are too large for the body to remove. Laser Tattoo Removal works by firing a very, short pulse of laser energy over the treatment area. This incredibly rapid pulse causes fragmentation of the ink particles within the skin, making them small enough for the body’s immune cells to carry away. Significant fading can been seen even after just one session with the Q-Switched ND- YAG LASER

This state of the art technology ensures treatments are incredibly fast.

Follow-up treatments are performed approximately every 6-12 weeks. The number of treatments required depends on the location and colour of the tattoo, as well as the overall health of the individual and their immune system. Most tattoos will require somewhere between 5-9 sessions.

The Q-switched ND:YAG LASER provides treatments that are far more comfortable than previous generations of laser tattoo removal machines. Anaesthetic cream is applied prior to treatment and the skin is numbed even further by super-cooled air that is directed onto the skin throughout the treatment via a specialised attachment.

Following the treatment, patients can expect to experience some mild warmth and tingling in the area. An occlusive dressing is applied and should remain in place for 2 days before being changed. At this point clients may notice some slight crusting and occasionally bruising. They will also notice fading and blurring of the tattoo lines.