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Hair Growth Therapy is a procedure for naturally stimulating hair growth. This procedure can also be used to rejuvenate your skin...!

The treatment is highly safe as it utilises growth factors derived from the Client’s own blood which is delivered to the hair root to activate hair growth or to your skin to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and heal scars.



    1. A thorough consultation with our doctor is initiated to understand your past and present medical history. A blood test/check-up is mandatory before going ahead with the treatment. This is also required in order to assess whether the procedure can be done or not. The doctor will go ahead with the treatment only if the medical history and blood tests permit the same.

    2. A numbing cream is applied on the treatment area and is left for 30 - 45 minutes. During this time, the doctor will draw a small quantity of blood which is placed in a centrifugation machine. This machine is used to separate the growth factors

    3. The treatment area is cleansed following which the growth factor is injected into the treatment area through multiple pricks after which that area is cleansed again



    Although this treatment is safe, it cannot guarantee hair restoration to how it previously was. You must ensure that the doctor is aware of any and all medications that you are using. Do not take any medication that has prolonged bleeding as a side effect or blood thinners. Follow the doctor’s instructions regarding any medication. It is preferable that the client brings along a clean hat especially for a scalp treatment in order to protect the treated area. As the process involves the drawing of blood, it is important that the client eats a meal before the treatment so as to avoid lightheadedness.


    When the treatment is employed on the scalp, you must wash your hair on the day of the treatment. No products must be used on the hair after wash. Post this, avoid washing the treated area for at least 48 hours post treatment. Do not expose the treated area to direct heat or engage in any activity that will cause you to sweat for at least 24 hours. The treatment area may be sore for two to three days and some bruising may be noticed. In case of severe pain or discomfort, please notify the doctor immediately. The effect of the treatment will be noticed after at least 6 months. Repeat sessions will be required in order to maintain the improvement in hair growth. To avoid bruising, avoid alcohol consumption for at least six hours and blood thinners and certain medications for several days post treatment.


    Immediately after the treatment, the most common side effects include redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, numbness, a feeling of pressure and/or fullness. No adverse effects have been seen except for mild pain at the site of treatment or a heavy sensation on the scalp for a few hours post procedure..