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The course of this treatment is decided after a consultation with our doctors to assess the severity of acne, acne scars. You can expect control in acne breakouts, visible lightening of scars and marks.

The Client can expect clinical solutions to address acne, based on its severity and associated issues, namely, acne marks and acne scars. In the mild stage, minor pimples, blackheads and whiteheads can be observed. In the moderate stage a greater amount of blackheads, pimples and a few pustules can be seen. In the severe acne stage, a larger amount of pustules and papules along with significant inflammation (leading to high risk of scarring) is visible.


    1. You meet with our doctor for a thorough consultation where details regarding severity of acne, acne marks and scars are assessed. The root cause is ascertained and medical history is also discussed.

    2. Depending on the consultation, the course of treatment is decided.

    3. The treatments include peels, lasers, fractional resurfacing of the skin or a combination of the same depending on the consultation.