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In its simplest terms a guided implant surgery is an implant surgery guided by computer. Here the surgery is solely dependent on an advanced software and patient’s CT to do an implant. Use of Cone beam CT scan, a sophisticated 3D imaging technology, dentists are able to make greater understanding of the patient’s oral health status inclusive of teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways and facial bone to plan the most suitable and best dental implants.
Guided implant surgery is always accurate, safe and efficient. QueenHauora’s implant surgery can give you best results to patients assuring you of a natural looking and healthy teeth option


  •   Most precise and safe
  •   Lesser time for operation
  •   No need for sutures
  •   Minimal bone grafting
  •   Less bleeding


Dentures are artificially manufactured replacement for missing teeth. They are helpful in restoring aesthetic appearance of the face. Fixed complete denture is recommended when the entire teeth in the mouth is missing. A fixed denture is permanently placed on dental implants in each jaw using screws. Dental implants help the denture stay in its position in mouth. Dentures are made of porcelain and acrylic resins are available as prosthesis. Dentures are fixed in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums. Fixed dentures are more stable in nature, so that they make chewing and talking more comfortable

    Benefits of fixed complete denture :

  •   Looks and functions like natural teeth
  •   Prevents loss of bone
  •   Durable in nature
  •   Minimal bone grafting
  •   Don’t not slip or come out while eating or talking