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QueenHauora is committed to provide you a painless experience through its integrated interactive approach where in you are welcomed with a warm smile and the dentists and other care givers will put you at ease ensuring you of a stress-free environment. Use of lasers in paediatric dentistry for restorative and soft tissue procedures offers painless treatment methods. Dentists and hygienists who are trained for cooperative treatment methods ensure you a pleasant atmosphere.

In dentistry, various medications are used to manage the pain during the different procedures. Except in case of general anaesthesia, normally patients are awake during operations. Below are the commonly adopted numbing medications.

   Topical anaesthetics- topical gel dulls the nerves to a depth of a few millimetres

   Nitrous oxide, known as laughing is inhaled by the patient to relax


Pulp is the soft living tissue found inside the tooth. Pulpectomy is a dental procedure of removing the complete pulp from the crown and root of the tooth. Pulpectomy is the primary procedure in root canal treatment. It is performed after drilling a hole into the tooth. Pulpectomy is advised when an infection to the pulp cannot be cured with any other treatment.


Eruption guidance is a preventive method to align teeth mouth perfectly and symmetrically as they rise from the gums. This method helps to align the teeth naturally, as it ensures enough space for the erupting teeth well before their appearance in the mouth without malocclusion. Use of eruption guidance prevents the future need of mechanical movement of the teeth ‘into position’ using braces or such oral appliances.
Usually, in kids, crowding of teeth can be seen with the eruption of incisors, especially in the lower jaw. Use of eruption guidance ensures your kids have proper and stable teeth alignment.


Prevention of caries will include preventing the occurrence of new caries lesion, stopping the advancement of existing caries and managing the risk factors through continuous monitoring. However, there are some prevention methods will help improve the caries from advancing further.