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Teeth whitening is the process of restoring the original colour of the discoloured teeth. It is a most demanded procedure from people. However, teeth whitening has to be done very carefully without causing other risks such as surface roughening, softening, demineralisation and damage to the dental restoration.
Teeth whitening may include physical removal of the stain or removal using a chemical agent. Commonly used whitening ingredients are hydrogen peroxide and carbamine based whitening substance.Specialists at QH will help you to retore the lost gloss of your teeth. Teeth whitening will improve the appearance of your teeth and enhance your confidence. .


Dental jewels are a great option to improve the beauty of the teeth. Decorating tooth with a desirable jewel will make your smile more impressive and glittering. Dental jewels are always attached to a healthy tooth through a non-invasive painless procedure. QueenHauora gives you excellent options to choose your jewel suitable for your tooth. Enhance the charm of your teeth cosmetically with QueenHauora’s dental jewels!


Discolouration to lip and gum occurs due to a variety of causes such as fungal infection, iron deficiency, allergic reaction, cyanosis, oral candidiasis, sun exposure as well as certain type of medications. Depigmentation is the process of lightening the lip and gum colour or bringing back the original colour tone by removing the discolouration by using advanced dental lasers. Depigmentation using laser is a very common method in which the laser works to break up the pigment cells and fight the accumulation of coloured cells. Laser depigmentation procedures are very safe and efficient.


Crown lengthening is a minor surgical interventional process of removing a portion of the gum and, sometimes, bone tissue also to expose more tooth structure above the gumline. Crown lengthening is advised as a cosmetic procedure to correct gummy smile. Though people with gummy smile have teeth of enough size they appear to be smaller since the excess gum tissue stays overlapped the teeth. Crown lengthening procedure is also performed to expose decayed or damaged tooth, cavities or fractured area of the tooth. Crown lengthening involves removing of the soft tissue from the gum as well as bone tissue and so that more of the tooth structure will be visible above the gum surface.